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title Vox Harmonix

Jack de Benedictis Sings Some Old Favorites

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My father Jack de Benedictis, who passed away in 2002 at 82 years old, learned these songs from his uncle, Tony Kraber his mother’s brother, a folk singer who palled around with all the great folk singers like Pete Seeger and Woody Gutherie and Burl Ives. Back in the day Tony played guitar and sang at hootenannies in Carnegie Hall. My father sang these songs to me all his life ‘a cappella,’ especially on long drives we took together to Mexico, across Canada and to Alaska twice. I finally got him into the studio with me in September of 2000 before his 80th birthday (after a recent stroke). I just strummed along on the guitar as he sang. No rehearsal. One take, pretty much. It’s taken me awhile just to be able to work on the songs since he passed. I have missed him so much. I composed some in-between music, like an interlude, which precede most of the songs. The title of the album “Cowpography” comes from a line in the Sandy Sam and Rusty Jiggs song. Alas, these were only a few of the wonderful songs he sang. But they are some of my favorites.                             — Paul J. de Benedictis September 28, 2009

Recorded September 9, 2000 Menlo Park, California: Vocals by Jack de Benedictis
Guitars and harmonica performed by Paul J. de Benedictis

Mixed by Michael Romanowski & Paul de Benedictis, Mastered by Michael Romanowski

Produced by Paul J. de Benedictis © Mnemonic Records 2010
All Songs are traditional, except Blood on the Saddle by E. Cheetham
All arrangements published by de Benedictis Music/BMI

String quartet

Jack de Benedictis singing with Paul de Benedictis playing guitar at Jack’s 80th birthday
celebration, October 2000, Inverness, California


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