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Instrumental Music Album Mixes Classical Chamber Music with Improvisation

Available at Amazon.com and downloads at iTunes

Quintets cover

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Previews are 2-minute segments...

1) Prelude

2) Incantations

3) La Promenade (The Walk)

4) Distance

5) Il Lago (The Lake)

6) Returning

7) L'Enfant (The Child)

8) Remember



Prelude: Vocals: Sussan Deyhim, Piano: Michael A. Lang

Incantations: Saxes: Branford Marsalis, Piano: Ralph Grierson

Promenade: Flugelhorn: George Shaw, Piano: Jeff Lorber

Distance: Oboe: Paul McCandless, Piano: Ralph Grierson

Il Lago: Flute: Matt Eakle, Piano: John Knox

Returning: Vocals: Claudia Villela, Piano: Michael A. Lang

L'Enfant: Trumpet: George Shaw, Piano: Jeff Lorber

Remember: Flute: Matt Eakle, Piano: John Knox

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